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Louisiana Adult Day Health Care Provider Excel Spreadsheet (zip format) - (Released September 8, 2005)

Use this Excel spreadsheet to assist with cost reports.


The  Louisiana Title XIX Supplemental Cost Report & Nurse Aide Testing & Training cost report software (Version 3.1) * - (Updated June 29, 2008) 8.8 MB

*this software version is good through June 29, 2009


BHSF Rate & Audit Review Census Form For Nursing Facilities

Instructions for Census Form


What documentation is required to support the number of census days reported on page 2 of the supplemental cost report and Worksheet S-3, Part I of the Form 2540-96?


Please submit two (2) printed copies of this cost report, two (2) copies of all required supplemental schedules, and three (3) floppy diskettes containing the "saved" data files.

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Louisiana Nursing Home Frequently Asked Questions -  174 KB dated February 25, 2003  (PDF)

Louisiana Supplemental Cost Report (Version 1.1) Help Files -  498 KB dated February 25, 2003  (PDF)

The Louisiana Cost Report Software Solution (Version 13.07) for ICF/MR facilities  (Updated 08/21/2007) (7.31 MB)


Download Information on Issues and Workarounds with Version 13.07
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State Run Developmental Centers Only!

The Louisiana Cost Report Software Solution (Version 11.0)  (Updated 06/29/2008) (5.7MB)


The Louisiana Title XIX Extraordinary Costs Cost Report Software Solution (Version 8.0)  (Updated 08/14/2007)  5.4MB
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